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America's future has never been brighter...

As a new president takes office in 2021, America is deeply divided politically and socially. It has become widely accepted within the investment, political and media sectors that America is on the decline and that China will drive the global agenda in the 21st century. To which I say, not so fast.

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No Book Has Ever Done This Before

The Forbidden Chapter

Marin had the leverage to include a QR code at the end of the book that will take the reader to a platform, revealing shocking data that will rattle the biggest companies in America, all of Wall Street and provide readers an opportunity greater than the whole crypto, gold and silver market combined!

This is all free for the reader.

In addition as a gift to the reader, you will get two bonus guides at no additional cost….

Bonus Guide: Resource Market Millionaire

  • How to Invest Like an Insider and Make a Fortune in the Natural Resource Market.

Bonus Guide: Trillion Dollar Tsunami

  • The exclusive report published in collaboration with author of Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki, details the coming tsunami of money into ESG and what you should do.

Weekly Market Updates

Every Friday, Marin Katusa shares his strategies and ideas on the junior resource sector, gold, uranium, cryptocurrency, gaming, marijuana, and more.

Praise for The Rise of America

Robert Kiyosaki
Rich Dad Poor Dad Best Selling Author

"Marin is in an enviable position. He is the right person, in the right place, at the right time. His years of experience, first as a calculus teacher and then a leader in the world of resource hedge funds, give him an edge.

If you want to be early, to be a part of the world’s biggest investment opportunity—an opportunity bigger than gold, bigger than oil, and bigger than technology—read this book."

Jim Rickards
Best Selling Author

"Marin has had the golden touch for his readers.  Beyond being one of the savviest financiers today, his impressive performance is par for course. 

The ideas he finds pay off. He has been able to capitalize on some of the biggest moves in the resource space because of his methodological approach to picking the highest quality companies and for analyzing market trends."

Doug Casey
Best Selling Author

"Marin Katusa is a genius. It’s not a question of stock picks. It’s a question of educating people, so that they actually learn the business. This is a rare opportunity to get on board. It’s almost unique, quite frankly. Marin and I have been all around the world together. He’s made me tens of millions of dollars. In fact, almost everything that Marin’s gotten into that I’ve been involved in has gone up."

John Mauldin
Best Selling Author

"When I have a question about the resource sector… Marin Katusa is my first phone call."

Grant Williams
Co-founder Real Vision

"He’s one of a kind… and knows all the right people. He’s authentic and doesn’t pull any punches. He’s a pitbull in an industry that needs pitbulls."

Brent Johnson
CEO Santiago Capital

"Every now and then I read a research report or paper that is so good that I’m actually mad that I didn’t write it myself. In this case, Marin wrote a whole book that I’m actually mad I didn’t write myself. In my opinion he has done a wonderful job of identifying and explaining the key factors that will heavily influence financial markets and geopolitics over the next decade."

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Marin Katusa


Marin Katusa is one of the leading experts on - and most successful portfolio managers in - the energy and resource exploration sectors.

Starting out as a mathematics professor, Katusa left academics to apply his models to portfolio management. His funds are among the top-performing in the resource sector over the last five years in Canada. He's a regular contributor to the Business News Network (BNN), and has been interviewed by global media outlets such as CNBC, RT, CBC, Bloomberg, and Forbes.

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